Cause marketing

My work with the National Breast Cancer Foundation all started with a brainstorming session. A colleague suggested co-branding with them for a cause marketing campaign. I thought that was a fantastic idea because of the opportunities it presented. It was a win-win to support a meaningful cause while increasing brand awareness. Through a partnership, we’d also be able to increase revenue by offering a special pink accessory bundle.

I then configured a strategic plan and pitched it to management. Thumbs up! My strategy was simple: 1) create a concise one-page proposal that drove home one main selling point, and 2) locate the decision-maker (in this case it was the vice president of communications). I made sure that I got on the phone with the VP; I didn’t want to get a “no” via email. It worked. I secured a partnership in time for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), and we got the results we were looking for. My client was so excited about our success, and so was I.