Radio Ads

Is radio effective? Some may say that it’s outdated. My answer: it really depends if your target audience group(s) listen to the radio. If you don’t know. Ask them.

You would be amazed when you ask customers face-to-face (if you get that chance), “How did you hear about us?” “Do you listen to the radio?” “What station do you tune in to?” You can do a ton of research online. Plus radio stations will give you reports indicating their Nielsen’s score. That’s all good to.

But, for me it all boils down to listening. When you ask customers what they think, don’t forget to listen. This may sound obvious. Do the best you can to let go of what you think. Then you can extract information and create successful marketing campaigns with 110% confidence that you’ll get a good return on your investment.

For Flatiron Steel a premier supplier of metal roofing materials — radio is a great tool for brand awareness and increasing new leads. Especially in a new location. I wrote and produced radio ads. Click here to listen to one of the ads on NASH Country Station: