The Cathedral of Junk. I heard about the Cathedral of Junk while having coffee with an acquaintance in Austin, TX. We didn’t know the exact address of where the supposed “cathedral” was located, but we were guided roughly to the neighborhood. After some aimless wandering (and almost giving up the search), we saw a sign painted on a window; “Cathedral of Junk.” Bingo, this was the place. Not having an appointment, we knocked on the door and luckily someone (Vince the artist) answered. He shook our hands and said, “Go ahead and check it out.” I told him about our documentary project and he was game to be interviewed. During the interview, he shared his story about why and how he got started. We spent a good chunk of the day hanging out at the cathedral. It was really beautiful.

Since our interview, there have been many other interviews, documentaries, musical videos, and more created about the Cathedral of Junk. I even spotted Vince on a Bank of America commercial.